Married man ordered underage strippers to dance on neighbors porch while he watched and pleasured himself at window

Douglas Goldsberry
Douglas Goldsberry
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A family in Nebraska, was left baffled when strippers arrived to their door step, where they exposed themselves, danced and then demanded money.

Sometimes, pimps would knock on their door and demand money from the couple in their 30s.

The innocent parents have two young boys who are 1 and 3 years old.

The family contacted police, who launched an investigation. It was discovered that some of the prostitutes who performed on the family’s porch, were under 16 years old.

Lt. Will Rinn of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, said that at first, the stripping occurred once or twice a month.

However, when it became more frequent, the couple got law enforcement involved. Officers who patrolled the area, caught two prostitutes exposing their breasts on different days.

Deputies interviewed the women and learned that they were hired through Backpage.

This information led police to 45-year-old Douglas Goldsberry of Elkhorn.

Goldsberry allegedly also met with prostitutes in hotel rooms for sex. He was arrested on one count of felony pandering. His bail was set at $100,000.

Goldsberry’s wife has since filed for divorce.