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Overdose Prevention Society saves mouse from heroin overdose after it got into owner’s stash

By Mason White 1:01 PM May 17, 2017
Snuggles the mouse
Snuggles the mouse
By: William Martin

A pet mouse managed to chew on its owner’s drugs before suffering a heroin overdose.

The pet owner of Vancouver, Canada, took the mouse to volunteers at the Overdose Prevention Society, who managed to save the rodent.

One of the volunteers, Melissa Patton, said that they treated the rodent just like they treat humans who overdose on drugs.

She said that they administered naloxone, the standard antidote, orally.

The society’s co-founder, Sarah Blyth, posted photos of the mouse recovering, and eating strawberries and cherries.

The owner then asked the Overdose Prevention Society to care for the pet named Snuggles.

Blyth wrote on Twitter that Snuggles has found a new home.

Blyth said the incident highlights how the organization’s volunteers go above and beyond to look after the approximately 600 clients they see every day.