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Woman suing her father for refusing to let her marry the man she loves

By Mason White 4:44 PM May 17, 2017
Marriage ceremony (illustration)
Marriage ceremony (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A woman has dragged her father to court for refusing to give his consent for her to marry the man she loves, according to court documents Nigeria.

23-year-old Khadija Ibrahim of Abuja, told Judge Abdullahi Baba of the Upper Area Court, that her father, Ibrahim Bassa, is refusing to meet her boyfriend and therefore, delaying her marriage to him.

Ibrahim told the court that she fell in love with Abdulhamidu, and decided to marry him. When she told her father about the man of her dreams, he asked if he belonged to the Fulani tribe.

When Abdulhamidu revealed that he was not a member of the tribe, Bassa refused to give his consent for the marriage.

Ibrahim tried to set up a meeting between her father and her boyfriend, but every time Abdulhamidu came to the family home, Bassa ran away and he only returned when the boyfriend was gone.

Ibrahim asked the judge to compel her father to give his consent for the marriage.

Bassa admitted that everything his daughter said was true, and he could not allow her to marry a man who was not from their tribe.

The father also said that his daughter was young and immature, and could not possibly make such an important decision on her own.

Baba urged all parties to resolve the matter peacefully, and return to the court at the end of this month.