Breastfeeding mother accidentally starved 2-week-old son to death as no milk came out of her breasts

Landon, son of Jillian Johnson
Landon, son of Jillian Johnson
By: Alexis Bell

A mother in California, is heartbroken over the death of her young son after being told that exclusively breastfeeding was the best choice for newborn babies.

Jillian Johnson of California, is warning mothers to make sure that their newborn babies are getting enough nutrition after her 19-day-old son Landon died due to severe dehydration.

Johnson said that during her pregnancy, she was told the breastfeeding was the best choice for her baby's health and long term growth.

After Landon was born, he was exclusively breastfed. Lactation consultants checked on the baby and determined that Landon had a great latch and was doing fine.

The breastfeeding was also closely monitored by nurses and doctors, who confirmed that Landon was doing just fine. After three days, Landon was discharged from the hospital despite losing nearly 10% of his body weight.

Landon cried a lot, but Johnson had no idea that her breasts were not producing any milk due to polycystic ovary syndrome.

Landon was starving to death. Just 12 hours after arriving home with her new baby, Landon went into cardiac arrest.

Landon was brought back to the hospital, where doctors confirmed that he had suffered a wide-spread brain injury due to severe dehydration.

Johnson is speaking out about her terrible loss to warn mothers to make sure their babies are really getting the nutrition they need and not rely solely on breastfeeding.