Married business woman hires male escort to accompany her to social events because her husband is too ugly

Couple on vacation (illustration)
Couple on vacation (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A married female investment banker in Singapore, has confessed to hiring male escorts to accompany her to social events at companies because she is too embarrassed to appear in public with her ugly husband.

The married business woman, who declined to be identified, said that she met her husband Jeremy while working with an investment banker.

Despite being 10 year older, the woman fell in love with Jeremy. They dated for a short while, and then got married.

It did not take long for nasty comments to start rolling in since the woman was very good looking while her husband was short, fat and bold.

The woman’s colleagues could not believe that she fell in love with Jeremy, saying that in the business of investment banking, image and status is everything.

As the woman climbed the corporate ladder, she became an investment banker herself.

When she got invited to a business conference for the first time, she was embarrassed to show up with her husband because he is too ugly and she feared this would hurt her image.

The woman decided to hire a male escort, and ordered him to pose as her husband on the business trip. Jeremey had no idea that his wife went to the business trip with a male escort.

The woman said that she did not think she did anything wrong because she did not cheat on her husband. She did admit that it was an act of deception, but said that she cannot get over her husband’s ugly looks.