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Father keeps his dead wife at home for 6 days so their kids can come to terms with her death

By Mason White 4:21 PM May 18, 2017
Wendy and Russell Davison
Wendy and Russell Davison
By: William Martin

A father who loved his wife and children, decided to keep her dead body at home after she died so that he and their children can come to terms with her death.

Russell Davison, 50, of the United Kingdom, spent time traveling around Europe with his family after his wife Wendy, was diagnosed with cancer.

Wendy was diagnosed with cervical cancer just after the couple’s joint 40th birthday. She battled the disease for 10 years.

Wendy was determined to die at home surrounded by her family. She chose to stop treatment after the pain became unbearable.

Russell and their boys took care of Wendy until she died in her home in Derby.

Russell said that he could not bear the thought of handing her over to a funeral director in a body bag.

Instead, he cleaned and dressed her and kept her home for 6 days after she died peacefully in the arms of her husband and one son.

The heartbroken husband placed his wife in a coffin, which he called a “cocoon,” and he kept it in the couple’s bedroom.

Russell insists it should be “the way we treat our dead,” and he wants people to know that there is nothing to be afraid of from the deceased.

He said that keeping Wendy’s body at home allowed him and the kids to come to terms with their devastating loss before saying goodbye to her forever.

“Even our faithful dog Elvis snuggled up next to her too,” he said.