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Owner of Sparkles Cleaning Service gets tickets for smoking in his own car for lighting cigarette in a place of business

By Mason White 4:39 PM May 18, 2017
Smoking cigarette (illustration)
Smoking cigarette (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

An elderly man in Canada, was shocked to get tickets for smoking in his own vehicle with nobody present but himself.

76-year-old Harry Kraemer of London, Ontario, said that he got three tickets while smoking a cigarette in his car that is registered under his business name, Sparkles Cleaning Service.

Since it is illegal to smoke in a place of business, the police officers cited him for smoking in a workplace as the vehicle was allegedly used for business related activities.

The run in with police happened as Kraemer bought coffee and donuts at Tim Hortons. He returned with the food to his Porsche SUV, and lit up a cigarette.

While he was minding his own business, officers swarmed his vehicle and slapped with three summonses, all related to smoking in a workplace.

Kraemer decided to contest the tickets on the basis that he was not an employee of the Sparkles Cleaning Service, and the vehicle has never been used for business related activities.

Luckily, the judge agreed that the police officers went too far.

Since the police officers were unable to prove that the car was used as a place of business, the judge dismissed the three tickets.

The tickets carried a fine of $350 each.