Pregnant woman gets criminal trespass notice after using hospital bathroom while visiting uncle

Tameka Evans with the summons
Tameka Evans with the summons
By: Emily Lewis

(Scroll down for video) A family is calling for a criminal trespass notice issued against their niece to be removed.

Tameka Evans of Atlanta, Georgia, woman, who is six months pregnant, received the criminal trespass notice after she used a hospital bathroom while visiting a relative.

Evans was visiting her uncle at the Emory University Hospital Midtown. Unbeknown to Evans, her uncle, Alton Walker, had been transferred to another hospital in the area.

After being informed about the transfer, Evans said that she asked an employee at the check-in desk if she can use the bathroom before she left.

Evans said that she received permission to use the bathroom.
However, when she came out of the restroom, a security guard was waiting for her at the door.

The security officer gave Evans a notice of her criminal trespass violation, and told her to “leave hospital property immediately for violating hospital regulations.”

Evans received a written summons, warning her that if she came back for any reason other than to get medical attention, she will be arrested.

A hospital spokesperson said that they are reviewing the incident. However, they clarified that the notice Evans received was not a ticket, but rather a note stating that the hospital is private property.