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Mother stages baby daughter’s death on London bus after killing her at home by breaking her skull

By Mason White 2:30 PM May 19, 2017
Rosalin Baker and Jeffrey Wiltshire
Rosalin Baker and Jeffrey Wiltshire
By: Mason White

Passengers on a crowded bus were shocked to see a mother playing on her phone while a nurse attempted to revive her dead baby daughter, according to police in the united Kingdom.

London police said that the parents of the 3-month-old girl have been jailed for causing or allowing the death of a child after they staged her death on the London bus.

Rosalin Baker, 25, and Jeffrey Wiltshire, 52, both of Morris Avenue, E12, were sentenced at the Old Bailey on Thursday.

They were convicted of causing or allowing the death, or serious physical harm of their three-month-old daughter Imani Wiltshire.

Baker and Wiltshire were both sentenced to 11 years in prison.

The court heard that Imani, who was born prematurely at 28 weeks, had been incubated and ventilated for the 65 days she spent in a hospital.

During this time Baker only visiting her daughter on 22 occasions while Wiltshire never visited.

On the day of the killing, Baker entered a convenience store in Church Road, E12, with Imani strapped in a sling and her face covered with a cloth.

Baker admitted that Imani was already dead at this point.

The cloth was used to cover Imani’s face in order not to draw attention to the fact that she was dead as well as to hide a significant injury to her right eye and a visible head injury.

Moments later, Baker was joined by Wiltshire who helped her board a Route 25 bus heading towards Bow Church. As Baker took a seat on the lower deck of the bus, she began to use her phone.

Approximately 20 minutes into the ride, Baker looked at her daughter for the first time. She then turned round and called a female passenger over.

The woman made her way over, and Baker told her that Imani had stopped breathing. The woman immediately took Imani and tried to provide medical assistance.

When she realized that Imani was not responding, the bus driver was alerted, and another passenger called the London Ambulance Service and the police.

A second woman attempted to conduct CPR, and when it became apparent that attempts to save Imani were futile, a number of passengers became distressed.

Many of the passengers mistook one of the women who had provided medical assistance for Imani’s mother, given how much anguish she was in, while Baker sat in her seat emotionless.

One of the women who assisted, recalled that when she tried to give CPR, she noticed that Imani’s lips were cold and that Baker remained on the phone the entire time attempts were made to save her daughter’s life.

The bus was stopped in High Street at the junction with Carpenters Road. Imani was taken to an east London hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Medical professionals noticed that Imani was cold to the touch and that the onset of Rigor Mortis had begun.

A special post-mortem examination took place at St Thomas’ Hospital, and the cause of death was determined as a head injury.

Tests also identified that Imani had at least 40 separate injuries across her tiny body, including several fractures to her ribs, head and wrist, which were all consistent with non-accidental injuries.

Baker stated that she was in shock, and that she loved her baby and never hurt her. She claimed that Imani fell a few days prior to the incident on the bus, but Baker thought she was fine.