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Armed woman kidnaps former boyfriend minutes before marrying another woman

By Mason White 2:11 PM May 19, 2017
Bride left at the altar (illustration)
Bride left at the altar (illustration)
By: Mason White

A woman could not make peace with the fact that her former boyfriend decided to marry another woman, according to police in India.

Uttar Pradesh police said that they launched a manhunt for the woman and her former boyfriend after she kidnapped him from a wedding venue moments before he was due to marry another woman.

According to the police investigation, Ashok Yadav and the suspect met each other while they worked at a medical clinic.

The two fell in love and decided to marry.

When Yadav’s parents learned about the engagement, they became furious as he did not asked for their consent to marry Varsha Sahu, 25.

The parents quickly arranged for Yadav to marry another woman. Yadav then cut off all ties with Sahu. As Yadav was about to exchange vows with the other woman, his former girlfriend arrived at the wedding venue.

Sahu was armed with a gun and was accompanied by three armed men. She pointed a gun at the groom, and ordered him to get into her car.

They then sped away. Several days later, police located Sahu and her former boyfriend. She was arrested and charged with one count of kidnapping.