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Australian woman gets deported from the U.S. after officials read her diary and determined she planned to stay in the country illegally

By Mason White 12:54 PM May 22, 2017
Molly Hill
Molly Hill
By: Tanya Clark

An Australian woman said that she was unjustly deported from the United States, after border patrol agents read her diary.

They determined that 26-year-old Molly Hill was likely going to overstay her visa.

Hill quit her job and flew to Honolulu, Hawaii, to be with her American boyfriend for 88 days. She had a 90-day Visa and paid for a return ticket.

In a lengthy Facebook post, she described how her dream Hawaii vacation turned into a nightmare when she was held in a woman’s prison before being deported back to Australia, at her own expense despite having a Visa.

“I left for Honolulu on Monday, and expected to pass through customs without too much hassle as I was going on a tourist visa for 88 days. The max is 90, with my return ticket paid for.

“I was taken into an interview room and had every inch of my luggage searched. They understood that I have an American boyfriend and I spent about 6 hours in and out of the interrogation rooms. In the end, they were convinced I wanted to immigrate illegally,” Hill wrote.

She went on to explain that her diary had notes, stating that she was going out for drinks to celebrate her last day at work before leaving for the United States.

She also wrote in her diary about all of the steps that she took to get everything in order before leaving for 3 months.

This caused suspicion as border patrol agents determined that she had prepared herself to stay in the in the United States longer than the Visa allowed her.

Hill said that when she was detained, she was frisked, made to undress in front of an officer and show that there was nothing in her hair or mouth, and asked to squat and cough, which was absolutely mortifying.

Then she was provided a prison uniform, and to add insult, the officer gave her a size S bra and size L everything else.

“Myself and a Japanese woman spent over 2 hours in a cell before going through all kinds of scanners and had to remove every piece of jewelry, and listed all of my tattoos then answered questions about whether any of my tattoos are gang related,” she wrote.

Since there were no more flights that night, Hill was held in federal prison until the next day, which was her birthday, when she was deported back to Sydney.

“I’m now waiting on a flight home and am so exhausted, I think I’ll sleep for a week then decide what to do next. If anyone knows of a good immigration lawyer please hit me up! OR if you’re a journalist let’s write an anti-Trump piece,” she added.