Hunter crushed to death after shot elephant fell on top of him

Theunis Botha
Theunis Botha
By: Tanya Clark

A professional hunter died after a member of his team shot an elephant, which then toppled on top of him, according to police in Zimbabwe.

51-year-old Theunis Botha of Tzaneen, South Africa, was crushed to death on Friday afternoon, during a hunting expedition in Gwai.

Botha was the owner and leader of Game Hounds Safaris.

He often recruited wealthy individuals from Europe and the United States, to hunt large wild animals, including elephants, leopards and lions.

On Friday afternoon, Botha led a team of hunters when they came across a herd of elephants. Three elephants charged at Botha, and he shot them all.

A fourth elephant then approached Botha, and picked him up with its trunk. That is when a member of his team fired a fatal shot at the elephant.

The elephant collapsed, crushing Botha to death with its body weight. Botha left behind his wife Carika, and five children.