Father beaten by mob after carpenter who made his 7-year-old son’s coffin realized the child was beaten to death

George Inimgba
George Inimgba
By: Tanya Clark  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A father in Nigeria, was rescued by police while he was being beaten by a mob for killing his son.

Richard Inimgba and his wife Blessing, the boy’s stepmother, were then arrested over the boy’s death.

According to police, the father accused his 7-year-old son George, of stealing money, and he demanded that he bring it back.

The father confronted his son after he realized that N3,200 (about $10.16) was missing. However, the boy did not have the money anymore.

The 7-year-old boy confessed to taking the money over a period of time. The boy told his father that he used the money to buy food whenever he was hungry.

Richard became furious and beat his son with a machete until he fell unconscious.

The boy’s pregnant stepmother allegedly witnessed the attack and she did not help the boy or stop her husband from hurting him.

After the beating, she failed to call for help.

The boy was placed in his bed and was found dead the next morning. The father made funeral arrangements to quickly bury his son.

However, when a carpenter measured the boy to build him a casket, he saw marks on his body consistent with child abuse.

The carpenter told neighbors about what he witnessed and they attacked the father.

Psychologist Sri George of Port Harcourt, wrote on Instagram, that he had met George on the street a few days before his death.

He wrote: “On Tuesday, I saw a crowd of people gathered around this little boy. So I stopped by and inquired what happened.”

He was informed that the little boy stole a doughnut from a shop while he was on his way to school.

Witnesses told the store owner that the child’s father and stepmother have the habit of starving and beating him. The store owner forgave the child and handed him a drink.

Sri George said that he took the boy to his home, where he gave him food, spoke with him and told him that he was welcome to come anytime to eat.

Sri George told the boy that he will speak with his father about the abuse he was suffering. Sadly, On Saturday, he learned that the boy was beaten to death by his father.