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Student expelled from school after being caught having sex with teacher’s husband

By Mason White 12:32 PM May 23, 2017
Student (illustration)
Student (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A girl in Nigeria, was suspended from school after she was caught sleeping with her teacher’s husband.

The high school in Delta State, has expelled the student from school for allegedly sleeping with the husband of one of her teachers who is also the father of her classmate.

The affair was uncovered when other parents saw the teacher’s husband picking up the high school girl from school before classes ended.

The parents followed the man and walked in on him and the girl having sex. The man, who is already a grandfather, paid his youngest daughter’s classmate to have sex with him.

The girl said that she received N500 (about $1.50) for sleeping with the man.

According to a Facebook post, this girl had accused a school official of raping her a few months ago.

The Facebook post read: “A secondary school students (SSS2) was expelled from my school this morning. What was her offense? She was sleeping with her teacher’s husband.

“They were both caught by the town’s people when he came to pick her up before school was over.

“This student was the same one that accused a corper of rape and getting her pregnant just to get money from him.

“The man she was having an affair with is a grandfather and she is also the classmate of his last child. She and her friend slept with the man for a fee of N500, I kid you not.”