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Good Samaritan drug dealer donates pants containing baggies of marijuana to charity store

By Mason White 4:30 PM May 23, 2017
Baggies of marijuana found in donated pants
Baggies of marijuana found in donated pants
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) Employees of a charitable organization were shocked to find baggies of marijuana in donated pants, according to police in Minnesota.

The Maplewood Police said that a drug dealer wanted to be a good Samaritan and donate unwanted clothing to the charity store.

The donor forgot to check the pants pockets, and employees found dozens of baggies containing marijuana.

“Hey genius, Once Upon A Child thanks you for the clothing donation, but you forgot something in your pant pockets. Sucks to be you,” The Maplewood Police wrote on Twitter.

“If you accidentally donated 111 grams of marijuana along with your clothing earlier to store, please come to the police department so we can reunite you! We know you spent a lot of time dividing them into these perfectly measured baggies and must be missing them,” the police wrote on Facebook.

So far, the drug dealer failed to pick up the 60 baggies of weed, and no arrests have been made.