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Man shot dead while having sex with prostitute in moving car

By Mason White 12:28 PM May 24, 2017
Couple kissing (illustration)
Couple kissing (illustration)
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) People in South Carolina, called police after hearing a gunshot before a car was seen crashing into a home.

North Charleston Police were called to the scene at 9:30 p.m.

Officers found 34-year-old Ladontes Miller dead in the driver’s seat of the running car. Witnesses told police that they heard one “pop” before the driver backed the car into the home on St. Johns Avenue near Hunter Street.

Miller slumped in the driver’s seat of the Mazda, while the woman was sitting outside next to the car. According to police, witnesses reported seeing the woman doing drugs after the crash.

The woman who is a “known prostitute,” was covered in blood.
Police said that her hands, face and dress had blood from the victim after he was shot at close range.

The woman was unable to give police any information about the shooter. She only said that someone drove up to the victim’s car, fired one shot and drove off.

Police are looking for the suspect while the prostitute was arrested.