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Teacher uses hypodermic needle to stab behinds of misbehaving 4-year-old children

By Mason White 3:01 PM May 24, 2017
Hypodermic needle (illustration)
Hypodermic needle (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A teacher put young students in great fear by using a hypodermic needle to stab their behinds, according to police in China.

Tongxiang police said that they have arrested the teacher who was identified as Shen, after being accused of assaulting her 4-year-old students.

Shen faced multiple assault charges. In court, a judge has ordered Shen to spend 10 days in prison, and she will have to pay a fine of 500 yuan ($73).

According to the police investigation, Shen was a teacher at the Noah Paris Metropolitan Kindergarten. One morning, Shen pulled out a hypodermic needle and threatened 9 children because they were misbehaving.

When the children did not listen, Shen stabbed the behinds of multiple children.

The abuse came to light after the children arrived at their homes and the parents noticed wounds on the behinds of the young kids.

Police were called, and officer raided the teacher’s classroom, where they found the hypodermic needle.

Another teacher at the kindergarten who was identified as Fan, was disciplined by the school board, following the incident.