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Teacher found with scrapbooks containing cutouts of nude children in school

By Mason White 11:05 AM May 24, 2017
Michael Scott Hatfield
Michael Scott Hatfield
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) Parents are happy to learn that their childrens’ school placed security cameras in classrooms in order to protect them.

This comes after they learned of the arrest of a teacher in the West Valley high school in Utah.

58-year-old Michael Scott Hatfield of Midvale, was accused of having scrapbooks that contained child pornography in his classroom.

Police said was that they were put together with “meticulous attention.”

He was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail, where he faces seven counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and three counts of access to pornographic material.

In an email to parents, the school wrote that police found no evidence to suggest that any of Hatfield’s students were victims.

Hatfield was fired from his job as a teacher at the American Preparatory Academy, which is located at 3636 W. 3100 South.

The investigation began when a school employee responsible for security surveillance observed Hatfield removing a black bag from a drawer before covering the security camera inside his classroom.

The school employee notified school officials and they called police. Although the camera lens was obscured, the audio suggested that Hatfield was pleasuring himself during the three instances, police wrote in the report.

After receiving a warrant, officers removed the black bag and found two scrapbooks with “collage style cutouts and photos of nude girls,” according to police.

Some contained comments, including names and ages of the children.