Woman brings along monkey to court because it is her emotional service animal

Linda Stevenson with Apollo
Linda Stevenson with Apollo
By: William Martin  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

Court officers were surprised to find a monkey hidden inside a woman’s purse as she was passing through a security checkpoint, according to police in Michigan.

Linda Stevenson appeared at the Bay County Court, which is located at 1230 Washington Avenue, to take care of a personal matter.

When she reach a security checkpoint, Stevenson placed her purse through an X-ray machine. The officer watching the X-ray machine was surprised to see what appeared to be a monkey in the purse.

Bay County Sheriff's Court Security Deputy Pat McIver asked Stevenson to explain the contents of her purse. Stevenson told the deputy that it was just her monkey.

She opened the purse and the monkey named Apollo, poked out its head. McIver told Stevenson that she could not go into court with her monkey.

Stevenson told the deputy that the squirrel monkey was registered as her emotional service animal, but her argument did not help.

Stevenson left the courthouse and put her monkey in her car.

She then came back into the courthouse to take care of her personal matter.

As she left the courthouse, McIver asked whether she could bring the monkey back so that the other officers could have a look.

Stevenson agreed, and brought the monkey inside. Stevenson opened her purse and the monkey crawled on the arms of the officers.

When Stevenson ordered the monkey back into the purse, it immediately complied. Stevenson said that she brought along the monkey because she could not find anyone to watch it for the day.