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Woman dies of drug overdose after seeing nude photo of her husband in bed with her former friend

By Mason White 12:14 PM May 24, 2017
Sarah-Jane Cunningham
Sarah-Jane Cunningham
By: Mason White

A woman of the United Kingdom, died after seeing a photo of her husband cheating.

An inquest heard that 38-year-old Sarah-Jane Cunningham, was devastated after her former friend sent her an explicit photo, showing her husband Stuart and her friend having an affair.

She was heartbroken by the affair. She called her close friend Teresa Church to talked about the cheating in a phone call the night before she died at her home.

Norfolk area coroner Yvonne Blake concluded that Cunningham’s death was due to drug and alcohol abuse, but she could not conclude that Cunningham had intended to commit suicide.

Her sister, Kim Dodd, 37, said that Cunnigham had “destructive relationships with her husband and alcohol.”

She said that her sister was addicted to her husband. “They brought out the worst in each other, but she would not leave him because she feared that she could not cope without him.”

A clinical team leader at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, met with Cunningham after she overdosed in 2015.

She told the court that Cunningham’s overdose “was an attempt to communicate to her husband her frustrations rather than an attempt to die.”