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Drunk driver wearing ‘I’m unsupervised’ shirt crashes into ‘Don’t drink and drive’ police car

By Mason White 12:18 PM May 25, 2017
Paul Wilkins
Paul Wilkins
By: Alexis Bell

An extremely intoxicated man drove his vehicle straight into a police car, according to police in Florida.

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office said that they have arrested 63-year-old Paul Wilkins, after being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Wilkins has been charged with one count each of DUI – Alcohol, Drugs, or Chemical Impairment, and operating a vehicle in a careless or negligent manner.

He was booked into the Citrus County jail, and his bail has been set at $1,000.

According to the criminal complaint, on Saturday, the Sheriff’s Office had two vehicles damaged when they were struck by a drunk driver at the intersection of Hwy 19 and Citrus Avenue, during Pirate Fest.

One of those vehicles was our newly unveiled half taxi, half patrol car aimed at raising awareness about drinking and driving.

Wilkins drove through cones, striking a detective’s vehicle and pushed it about 30 feet into our newly unveiled “don’t drink and drive” patrol car.

Both patrol vehicles were parked with red and blue lights flashing. Wilkins claimed he did not see the vehicles or the emergency lights, warning drivers about the congested area.

Thankfully, there were no injuries.

He was transported to the Citrus County Detention Facility in the back of the newly unveiled and now damaged “a cop or a cab, you decide” vehicle.