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Man claims 8-year-old girl consented to being sexually abused because she was dressed provocatively

By Mason White 12:50 PM May 25, 2017
Sydney Allan Markland
Sydney Allan Markland
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) A man of Florida, was arrested this week, for sexually assaulting his neighbor’s daughter.

According to police, 68-year-old Sydney Allan Markland asked the 8-year-old girl to help him take food into his home because he was injured.

When the girl was inside, Markland allegedly pulled down her pants and sexually assaulted her. He then kissed her and told her not to tell anyone.

One neighbor said that he witnessed the girl coming out of Markland’s home with her pants down and crying. Her parents immediately called police.

The incident occurred in Ocala, 10 months ago. However, police only arrested Markland this week, saying that it took time to build the case and to get DNA evidence, which was a partial match to the suspect.

After putting together a solid case, Markland was charged with sexual assault on a victim under 12 years old.

According to neighbors, Markland, who is originally from Jamaica, is known in the neighborhood as a religious man, who prays and reads the bible with his neighbors.

He was trusted by many and that is why they believe the girl went to his home when he asked for help.

According to police, Markland defended his actions and said that the girl was dressed provocatively and her actions suggested consent.

Markland has no previous criminal history in Marion County. His brother said that the allegations are not true and that Markland is not “that type of person to do that.”