19-year-old female football player pretends to be a boy and lures younger girls to be intimate with her

Chantelle Johnson
Chantelle Johnson
By: Mason White  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A young woman with a promising future has ruined everything for herself by pretended to be a boy to get young girls to be intimate with her.

19-year-old Chantelle Johnson of England, was a football player with the Middlesbrough Ladies Football Club, before she was arrested.

A mother called police after suspecting that her young teen daughter’s boyfriend was not who he said he was.

This came after the mother read text messages and she saw photos between her daughter and her boyfriend.

Police discovered that Johnson had a few social media accounts with names of different boys, and she was pretending to be a 13-year-old boy.

She groomed two 12year-old girls and one 13-year-old girl.
At one point, Johnson told one victim that her 8-year-old sister died, and she met the girl while dressed in black, claiming that she was coming from the funeral.

Prosecutor Paul Cleasby told the Teesside Crown Court that when she met the children, Johnson kissed them and touched them in a sexual manner.

In court, Johnson pleaded guilty to four counts of meeting a child following sexual grooming in the guise of a boy, four counts of assault by penetration, causing child pornography and perverting the course of justice by deleting information from social media accounts and deliberately destroying a SIM card.

Judge Howard Crowson sentenced Johnson to 9 years in prison.

“I consider this was deliberate, well planned, targeted abuse of young girls. The case reveals a clear ability to manipulate and construct plausible lies, which deceived the girls,” the judge said at sentencing.