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9-year-old girl caught looking at porn in school before revealing she was being molested by family member

By Mason White 11:27 AM May 26, 2017
 Anthony and Placido Garay
Anthony and Placido Garay
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) Police were called to a school in Texas, after a teacher found a girl looking at porn in school.

The teacher told police that the girl was watching the adult videos on a school issued iPad.

When the teacher questioned the 9-year-old girl, she replied that she “was trying to learn about what Anthony Garay does to her at night.”

The girl told police that Garay, who is the girl’s relative, had been performing sex acts on her for over a year. She also claimed that he was doing the same to her sister.

Police arrested the 31-year-old man. So far, he was only charged with continuous sexual assault of a child.

Sadly, Garay is going in the footsteps of his father, 68-year-old Placido Garay.

Placido pleaded guilty in 2008, to two counts of sexual assault with a child. His crimes are very similar to that of his son.

Placido molested two minor relatives, who at the time of the crimes, were about the same age as his son’s alleged victims.