Convicted sex offender and robber running for public office as city council member

Edward Hudson-Bey
Edward Hudson-Bey
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) Many people are surprised to learn that people with criminal backgrounds can run for office in Ohio.

If you do a search on 42-year-old Edward Hudson-Bey, you will immediately see him appearing on the sex offender’s registry in Cleveland.

However, you will also find him running for a seat on the Cleveland City Council.

Hudson-Bey said that nobody is perfect, but he has changed, and he is asking voters to trust him and focus on the future.

Hudson-Bey became a convicted sex offender in 2003, for having sex with a minor. The child was a 14-year-old boy. He still has to register with the sheriff’s department as a sex offender.

Hudson-Bey also pleaded guilty to robbery in 2007.

Hudson-Bey can run for office as Ohio allows convicted felons who have been released from prison, to vote or run for office.

“Convicted felons are not allowed to vote while they are incarcerated, but once they have served their sentences and are released, they can re-register,” said Jan Kelly, Montgomery County Board of Elections director.

Hudson-Bey is not the only convicted felon running for office in Ohio. Current Councilman Jeff Johnson was found guilty of federal corruption, and he is now running for mayor.