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Mother starves her children to make them look sick to raise money for their non-existent medical expenses

By Mason White 1:52 PM May 26, 2017
Katelyn Christina Carnline
Katelyn Christina Carnline
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) An evil mother abused her own children in order to fool other people into believing that they were sick so that she could more easily raise funds for non-existent medical expenses, according to police in Texas.

The Milam County Sheriff’s Office said that they have arrested 28-year-old Katelyn Christina Carnline, after being accused of starving her children to make it appear that they had serious illnesses in order to con money out of good Samaritans.

Carnline has been charged with child exploitation and injury to a child with intent to cause bodily injury. She was booked into the Brazos County Jail, and her bail has been set at $8,000.

If convicted, Carnline faces up to 99 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

According to the police investigation, Carnline 4-month-old daughter weighed only 10 pounds after being starved by his mother.

Carnline then told her family and friends that she suffered from a rare genetic disorder called IEM, which is also known as inborn errors metabolism, causing the body to be unable to digest food properly.

Carnline also starved her 5-year-old boy and shaved his head.

She then told her family and friends that the boy had cancer.

Carnline launched to fundraising pages, one for each child, in which she raised money from good Samaritans for her non-existent medical bills.

The father of the girl became suspicious after noticing that his daughter was not ill. He called police and the girl was placed in his custody.

The girl already gained 5 pounds, and appears to be in good health.