Woman burns to death from very hot shower at hotel

Kalyani Uthaman
Kalyani Uthaman
By: Emily Lewis  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A woman who was on vacation, burned to death while taking a shower at a hotel, according to police in Scotland.

Edinburgh police have investigated the case in which 59-year-old Kalyani Uthaman from Bangalore, India, was scalded by hot water while staying at the Premier Inn.

According to the police investigation, Uthaman came home from a long day and decided to take a shower in the bathroom of her hotel room.

She opened the shower and let the hot water run. When she entered the shower, Uthaman got scalded because the water was too hot.

Uthaman suffered burns on her entire body. She was taken to hospital, where she died after being six weeks in the intensive care unit.

Police refused to file charges as investigators did not believe that anyone did anything criminal in nature. Premier Inn did apologize to the victim and offered to pay her hospital bills.

The family agreed to settle the case out of court for $120,000 after filing a lawsuit, demanding $1.2 million in compensation. Premier Inn said that the case was an isolated incident.