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United Airlines flight attendant calls police after accusing gay father of touching his son inappropriately

By Mason White 11:04 AM May 28, 2017
Henry, Joel and Benjamin Amador-Batten
Henry, Joel and Benjamin Amador-Batten
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A gay man is furious that police were called when a flight attendant accused him of touching his young son inappropriately.

53-year-old Henry Amador-Batten is a gay father who was flying with his 5-year-old son Benjamin on a United Airlines flight, when the incident occurred.

Amador-Batten had attended a funeral in Puerto Rico, before catching a connecting flight from Newark, New Jersey, to
his home in North Carolina.

When the flight landed, he was questioned by police for 45 minutes. Amador-Batten was told that a flight attendant saw his hand resting “near the boy’s genitals.”

According to the father, Benjamin had fallen asleep with his shoulder and arm wrapped around Amador-Batten’s left arm so his own hand fell on the boy’s lap.

However, Amador-Batten said that his 5-year-old had his favorite blanket that was given to him by his grandmother and that his arm was resting on top of the blanket.

Amador-Batten’s husband, Joel, wrote in a Facebook post for their gay parenting blog DADsquared, calling the incident “mean-spirited and completely unacceptable.”

United Airlines apologized to the couple.

“In this instance, the crew believed it was appropriate to ask authorities to meet the plane and interview the customer.

“After speaking with the customer, authorities determined that no further action was necessary. Our customers should always be treated with the utmost respect and we have followed up with our customer to apologize for the misunderstanding.”

Henry and Joel Amador-Batten, who have two adopted sons, have hired an attorney and they plan to sue United Airlines over the incident.