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Police officers pelt thieves with apples they stole

By Mason White 12:08 PM May 29, 2017
The officers throwing apples at suspects
The officers throwing apples at suspects
By: William Martin

Police in South Africa, carried out street justice when they used stolen goods to teach thieves a lesson.

The incident occurred in the Theewaterskloof Municipality, in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Five police officers caught thieves stealing apples. They confiscated the fruit. The officers then ordered the four thieves to line up on the side of the road against a stone wall.

The five uniformed officers then pelted the thieves with the fruit they have stolen.

In the video, the officers were seen grabbing handfuls of the stolen apples, which they had placed in the back of their police pick-up truck, and throwing it at the thieves.

The officers were heard laughing and swearing as they took turns throwing the apples and hitting their human targets.

Christelle Vosloo, mayor of the Western Cape municipality, and many people became furious after seeing the video.

The mayor condemned the act and ordered an investigation into the incident. She wants disciplinary action to be taken against the officers involved.

Vosloo described the officer’s actions as “inhumane, and a gross violation of the safety and dignity of the victims.”

“I am devastated that the victims had to endure this trauma and I believe their constitutional rights have been violated,” the mayor added.