5-year-old boy rips $7,000 of his father's cash after being left home alone

Woman holding cash (illustration)
Woman holding cash (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell  WorldWideWeirdNews.com

A father in China, was shocked to discover that his young son had ripped up his stash of cash that was supposed to be invested in a business venture.

The man of Qingdao City, who was identified only as Gao, said that his 5-year-old son got his hands on $7,000 in banknotes and ripped it to shreds.

The incident happened after Gao borrowed the money in order to invest it in his business. He kept the cash in his home, within reach of his 5-year-old son.

One day, Gao left the home briefly and left his son home alone.

When Gao came back, he was shocked to see his 500 banknotes ripped up and strewn all over the house. Gao carefully collected all of the torn pieces and went to his bank.

Gao asked his bank to exchange his torn money for new banknotes, but the manager refused. Gao was told that his request will be reevaluated once he tapes the money back.

Gao spent three days trying to tape the ripped banknotes, but was unsuccessful. Gao said that he was not angry with his child because he is just a 5-year-old kid.