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Fire Director allowed to drive after 20 car accidents including hitting three children in crosswalk

By Mason White 12:05 PM May 30, 2017
Robert Rawls
Robert Rawls
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) People in New Jersey, are shocked to learn that a man is allowed to continue driving after causing 20 car accidents.

Sadly, in one case, he hit three children who were in a crosswalk while walking home from school, causing them long term health issues.

The victims were identified as two 14-year-old girls and a 6-year-old boy. They suffered broken bones.

However, some people believe that Robert Rawls is allowed to continue to drive because of the position he holds.

Rawls is the New Brunswick Fire Director. People said that the position helped the fire chief connect with the “right people.”

Rawls has been in 19 car accidents and had 18 license suspensions over the years. However, every time his license was reinstated, he went back to driving and wreaking havoc.

The fire director was banned from driving city vehicles after the accident that involved the 3 children, whose family filed a lawsuit over the incident.

However, while the lawsuit is still pending, Rawls was once again given permission to drive city vehicles. It did not take long for him to crash again.

Rawls drove an SUV for just three months when he was involved in his 20th accident. Just like before, Rawls claimed that the accident was not his fault.

This time, Rawls collided with a truck. The truck driver said that Rawls was speeding and hit him as he was trying to move out of the way. However, Rawls claimed that the truck moved into his lane, causing the damage.

Police ruled that Rawls was not at fault and therefore, he will be allowed to continue driving.