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Judge bans men from divorcing during Ramadan because hungry people make stupid decisions

By Mason White 12:58 PM May 30, 2017
Lonely man (illustration)
Lonely man (illustration)
By: Mason White

A sharia court judge has ruled that married couples will not be able to get divorced during the month of Ramadan.

Judge Mahmud Habash, who oversees the entire judicial process of the sharia courts in the Palestinian territories, ordered that divorce be delayed until after Ramadan because people make poor decisions while they are hungry.

Habash said that he based his decision on years of experience with divorces.

Habash realized that because men cannot eat or smoke during the day for the entire month of Ramadan, their marriages tend to suffer.

The men get angry and fight with their wives, causing great harm to their marriages. The men then quickly file for divorce, not realizing that their hunger prompted them to make quick and poor decisions.

In a lot of cases, the men regretted their actions once the month of Ramadan was over, but by then it was too late.

In the Palestinian territories, couples can only get married or divorced in sharia courts.