Newborn baby raises eyebrows by walking on her own 2 feet minutes after birth

Newborn baby waking on her feet
Newborn baby waking on her feet
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) Workers at a hospital in Brazil, were shocked to see a newborn baby standing up on her own two feet minutes after being born.

A nurse working at the Santa Cruz Hospital in Rio Grande do Sul, quickly grabbed her phone and recorded the miracle child as she took her first steps just after being born.

The video has been uploaded to Facebook, where it was viewed nearly 100 million times, shared about 2 million times and racked up about 150,000 comments within several days.

In the video, nurses were giving the baby a bath when she suddenly got up on her own two feet. The girl then walked several feet on her own while the nurse held her by the arms.

The nurse then called all her colleagues to witness the miracle baby walking on her own. She told a colleague named Ju, that she was trying to give the girl a bath when she got up and walked.

The nurse asked for more help to restrain the girl to complete the bath. Babies usually begin getting up on their own feet and walk around at about 12 months old.

Experts believe that the baby might have exhibited stepping reflex, which is also referred to as the walking or dance reflex.