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Police officers snap selfie showing them putting very drunk man to bed

By Mason White 12:52 PM May 30, 2017
Police officers take selfie with drunk man
Police officers take selfie with drunk man
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) Police officers in Australia, who took home a drunk man and put him to bed, took photos of their good deed and the images were uploaded to the Internet.

Tasmania Police reposted the selfie that the officers took at the drunk man’s home along with words of encouragement.

The police (officers) encouraged party-goers to plan ahead so they can enjoy their night.

Senior Sgt Craig Fox of Northern District, said that people should prearrange a designated driver, use public transportation or organize a taxi when intending to have a big night.

“Make a plan about how you will get home before you have a drink. Then there’s no risk to you, your family, friends or others on the road,” Snr Sgt Fox said.

“Consideration should also be given to arranging alternative accommodation for the night, at either a friend’s house or hotel/motel to ensure your safety. People should stick together and look out for one another when going out, or when heading home,” he added.

Snr Sgt Fox said that police do not normally drive drunk people home.

“However, police are always looking for a place of safety for anyone who is affected by alcohol.

“On one occasion, police were contacted by a taxi company for assistance in getting a drunk man home. When police arrived, they found out his address, took the man home and waited for a friend to arrive to look after him,” he said.

“Because he was very intoxicated, our officers took the opportunity to record the moment with a selfie in the likely event he could not remember how he got home,” Fox added.

The drunk man who was identified as Reece Park, later said that he only realized that police brought him home and put him to bed when he went through his phone and saw a selfie of the officers in his bedroom.