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Women set wine shop on fire after man dies of drinking alcohol that was bought in the store

By Mason White 12:19 PM May 30, 2017
The woman holding the homemade torches
The woman holding the homemade torches
By: Alexis Bell

A group of women were seen setting fire to a wine shop for allegedly causing the death of a man.

The women in India, caused damage to the store and are demanding that the wine shop in Jammu, Kashmir, be shut down.

The women believe that the man died after drinking alcohol that was made by the shop owner.

Although they were unable to prove it, the women believe that the owner mixed medicine capsules with the whiskey. They claim that this combination caused the man to die.

Photos of the incident went viral. The photos show women making torches of torn clothes. They took long wooden sticks and wrapped old cloths around the tip and set them on fire.

They caused damage as they tried to burn the building down.