Army veteran sues his father for not keeping his promise to support him for life after winning $130 million lottery

Angela and David Dawes
Angela and David Dawes
By: Alexis Bell

A former navy officer of the United Kingdom, asked a judge to order his father to continue supporting him for the rest of his life with money he won from a lottery.

32-year-old Michael Dawes told the court that he was serving in Afghanistan, when his father called him with good news, saying that he won the lottery.

Michael’s father, 53-year-old Dave, was a factory worker when he and his wife Angela, 49, of London, won a £101 ($130) million lottery.

Michael said that his father promised that he and his partner, James Beedle, 34, “would always be looked after.”

Based on that promise, he and James gave up their successful careers.

Michael at one point, was a lecturer at Southampton University and worked in IT. James was a lieutenant in the Royal Navy Fleet Auxiliary.

The father said that within a few weeks, his son spent £1 million. He bought a home and BMW, and other luxuries with the money.

The father kept giving his son money for a period of two years, before he cut him off.

Michael said that his father gave away £30 million to family friends and to charity, but he refused to honor the promise to his son.

The son said that the support ended when he failed to bring his stepmother a gift for her birthday and he brought flowers that she liked instead.

The couple denied the allegations. The father said that he stopped giving his son money over his concern about Michael's rate of spending.

After Judge Nigel Gerald heard all the testimony, he dismissed the case and said that “Michael was provided with the funds to have a comfortable life, but for his own reasons, he chose not to take that opportunity.”

The judge added that the son was ungrateful to his father and stepmother. “The evidence shows that Michael behaved extremely badly, demanding £5 million from his father, and also verbally abusing and bad-mouthing his stepmother.”