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Father locks toddler in cage and leaves him with newborn baby and 1-year-old son home alone

By Mason White 12:21 PM May 19, 2017
Cecil Eugene Kutz
Cecil Eugene Kutz
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A father was arrested for leaving three young children including a 1-day-old home alone.

Police in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, were tipped off about the young children being left home alone by their father, 37-year-old Cecil Eugene Kutz.

Police said that the mother gave birth to a baby girl the day before the incident. She was taken back to the hospital after having complications stemming from the birth.

When officers arrived at the home with child services, nobody answered the door.

After entering the home, officers found the couple’s 22-month-old son in a homemade cage that had a door with a lock from the outside. “The cage was made of plywood and lattice. It had a sliding bolt for a lock,” police said in a press release.

A one-year-old boy was in a playpen next to the cage and the 1-day-old baby was in a car seat nearby.

Kutz left the children home alone for about 40 minutes, and when he returned, he was taken into custody.

Kutz was charged with endangering the welfare of children and reckless endangerment. He is being held in the Schuylkill County Prison on $250,000 bail.

All three children were then taken into the care of county child services.

The kids’ mother Tiffany George, said that they are not bad parents and that the contraption that police called a “cage” is just a homemade crib.