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ISIS bombs ice cream shop filled with children killing at least 17

By Mason White 5:11 PM June 1, 2017
Man eating ice cream (illustration)
Man eating ice cream (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) Terrorists targeted women and children who were enjoying themselves at an ice cream shop, according to police in Iraq.

Baghdad police said that the incident unfolded late on Tuesday, as men, women and children were eating at a popular ice cream parlor.

ISIS terrorists parked a car filled with explosives outside the ice cream shop. They then detonated the bomb to cause the most damage and destruction.

At least 17 people were killed as a result of the explosion. 34 people were injured. Footage from the ice cream shop showed children walking among the dead bodies lying on the ground.

Police confirmed that children were among the casualties. ISIS members, who are Sunni Muslims, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that they targeted Shiite Muslims.