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Elected official sends email with picture showing naked woman with her legs spread

By Mason White 5:13 PM June 1, 2017
Andy Petrowski
Andy Petrowski
By: Emily Lewis

People are calling on an elected official in Canada, to resign after sending a pornographic image to around 100 people.

Council member Andy Petrowski of Niagara, apologized and said that someone had used his iPad and the email containing the pornographic image was supposed to be private.

Parliament member Chris Bittle of St. Catharines, called on Petrowski to resign, accusing him of making racist and Islamophobic comments on Twitter.

Petrowski recently received an email about a public construction project. Petrowski hit reply all and attached an image, showing a naked woman with her legs spread.

95 people got the email, including the fire chief.

Minutes after sending the email, Petrowski sent another email, saying that someone was using his iPad and that person sent the offensive image.

Bittle pointed out that Petrowski stored pornographic images on his government issued iPad and therefore, he is unfit to remain in office.

Now, Petrowski announced that he will be taking a leave of absence. The regional council has suspended Petrowski’s email account.