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Father jailed for 6 months for refusing to give police password to phone on which he recorded himself abusing his daughter

By Mason White 12:13 PM June 1, 2017
Christopher Wheeler
Christopher Wheeler
By: Tanya Clark

A judge placed a man behind bars for refusing to reveal the password to his phone.

41-year-old Christopher Wheeler of Florida, was sentenced to 180 days in jail by a Broward County judge.

Wheeler has been accused of hitting and scratching his young daughter, and police believe that he had evidence of the alleged abuse on his phone.

Wheeler was arrested in court during a hearing over his refusal to reveal the correct password of the phone.

Wheeler told the court that he did give the police his password. However, police said that the password that was given to them did not work.

“I swear, under oath, I gave them the password,” Wheeler said as he was handcuffed.

In Florida, an appeals court decision has given police the right to demand passwords from suspects in criminal cases.

However, the state Supreme Court has not yet ruled on the issue, leaving judges to use it as they see fit.

Wheeler is being held on contempt of court, but he can be freed before the 6 month prison term if he hands over the password that will unlock the phone to police.