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Restaurant manager calls police after 3-year-old girl spilled salt on table

By Mason White 4:55 PM June 1, 2017
Adam and Cara Gregg
Adam and Cara Gregg
By: Emily Lewis

Parents of two young children in Florida, are angry after being kicked out of a restaurant because their daughter spilled some salt on a table, according to

Adam and Cara Gregg of Coral Springs, said that they and their children, who are one and three years old, went to the Brooklyn Water Bagels restaurant to get something to eat.

While Adam was waiting in line to order food, Cara allowed her 3-year-old daughter to play with the salt shaker. She dumped some salt in the table and began to play with it.

Suddenly, the manager named Vincent, rushed over to the table and began yelling at Cara. Vincent told Cara that she and her family must leave the restaurant or he would call the police to remove them.

Cara could not believe what she was being told, but she quickly picked up her children and left before police arrived at the scene.

Cara claimed that the salt was spilled on about 20 percent of the table, and she did not see anything wrong with allowing her child to play.

Cara said that the alternative would have been to give her daughter an iPhone to play with, but she was trying to avoid this.

Witnesses at the scene gave a slightly different account of what happened.

Michael Black claimed that Cara was rude and obnoxious, and beloved that it was fine for her child to make a mess in the restaurant.

Jarett Jarkow said that Adam was cursing at the manager, and that was the reason the family was told to leave.