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82-year-old weightlifter tackles 50-year-old woman who beat his wife while trying to break into their home

By Mason White 11:48 AM June 2, 2017
Yousef Youkhaneh and Rehnu Singh
Yousef Youkhaneh and Rehnu Singh
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) A woman who was looking for an easy target to rob, attempted to break into the home of an elderly couple.

However, she had no idea that the 82-year-old husband, who is a short man, is a former weightlifting champion, who still lifts weights and works out in his garage.

Yousef Youkhaneh of San Jose City, California, said that he heard his wife, Christine, 76, screaming for help. When he came to assist her, Yousef found his wife bleeding from the head.

The woman who wanted to get into their house, locked the back door.

That is when 50-year-old Rehnu Singh, attacked the victim with a wooden stick and caused her head to split open. Yousef managed to tackle the woman on the sidewalk.

Yousef said that the woman fought “like a tiger” as she tried to free herself from his grip. Singh bit and scratched the elderly man, but he held her down until police arrived.

Yousef said that he begged passersby to help him restrain the woman, but nobody stepped in.

“People just watched like it was a movie,” he said. Police officers took a photo with Yousef, and called him a hero.

Singh was arrested on charges of assault with deadly weapon, elder abuse and attempted burglary.