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Boy left traumatized after finding videos of his father and teenage sister having sex

By Mason White 11:43 AM June 2, 2017
Father and daughter (illustration)
Father and daughter (illustration)
By: Alexis Bell

A father and daughter were arrested after their family member found videos of them having sex.

A Hong Kong court heard the unusual case, involving a daughter who had sex with her own father to prevent him from marrying his fiancee.

The court heard that when the daughter was 19-years-old, her father wanted to marry his fiancee.

However, the daughter, who does not have a relationship with her mother and is very close to her father, decided to satisfy his needs, which included having sex with him in order for him not to get married.

The daughter’s defense attorney said that she had the sexual encounters due to “misplaced love, infatuation and devotion to her father.”

The two recorded their sex acts and stored it on a computer.
Recently, the girl’s brother found the videos and he assumed that his sister was raped by their father.

He turned the videos over to police and the 58-year-old father, who is an expert in traditional Chinese medicine, was arrested.

His daughter, who is now 26 years old, came to his defense and took the blame for the incestuous relationship.

The daughter’s lawyer told the court that her client asked prosecutors to hold her “fully responsible” so that her father would walk free.

“That shows the degree of devotion and infatuation that the defendant had for her father,” the attorney said while urging the court not to jail her client, but to provide her the help she needed.

Both father and daughter pleaded guilty to two counts of incest. The court ordered the woman to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and hand over the report before sentencing.

The father told the court that he will move to China, in order to stay away from his daughter after serving his sentence, which is scheduled to be issued at a later date.