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Underground factory busted for producing knockoff Budweiser beer

By Mason White 11:52 AM June 2, 2017
Woman filing the beer by hand
Woman filing the beer by hand

(Scroll down for video) A company managed to pull off a scam by producing knockoff Budweiser beer.

Police in China, raided the underground business in Dongguan, that had an elaborate factory, where they produced beer.

However, they did not sell their own brand of beer. The company used Budweiser cans and they filled them with their own beverage.

Video of the raid shows female workers handling the recycled cans. The cans were then placed on a conveyor belt system, where they was sealed.

Many people voiced their disgust and concern when seeing the video of the female workers filling the beer by hand. One woman was seen throwing the Budweiser brand cans
into a plastic container that was filled with beer.

Two other women placed their hands inside the beer, removed the cans and filled them by hand with the liquid.

They then placed the cans on a table, where other women lined them up to the conveyor belt to be capped.

The factory produced thousands of cans of the knockoff beer before a Trade and Industry Bureau task force busted them and seized the goods.

According to city authorities, the underground factory made 600,000 crates of knockoff Budweiser each month. They sold the beer for a very low price to bars and nightclubs.