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Green Party teaches women how to urinate while standing to avoid getting dirty from messy public toilets

By Mason White 4:35 PM June 4, 2017
Woman in toilet (illustration)
Woman in toilet (illustration)
By: William Martin

The Green Party of Austria, has raised eyebrows after announcing an event at which women will be taught how to urinate while standing up like men.

The women’s breakfast was announced by the Green Party in Perchtoldsdorf.

Women who attended the event reported that the main subject up for discussion was how women can avoid getting dirty while using public toilets.

After getting criticized by many for trying to turn women into men, party leaders said that it is unfair that just men can use public toilets without getting dirty.

Women who attended the party said that they appreciate the fact that they were shown how to urinate while standing up as some public toilets are covered in feces, making it impossible for them to sit down.

For women, being able to urinate while standing up, will level the playing field with men, organizers said. Those who attended the event, were allowed to build their own disposable urinating devices designed especially for women.

The Green Party reported that they have received many nasty emails in response to the topic that was discussed at the breakfast.