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Housekeeper burns down employer’s home to cover up $160 theft

By Mason White 5:07 PM June 5, 2017
Janette Pacheco
Janette Pacheco
By: Emily Lewis

Firefighters were called to a home in Coconut Creek, Florida, to put out a fire.

There was heavy smoke coming out of the fourth floor apartment, making it very difficult for firefighters to battle the blaze.

According to Division Chief Ty Vassil, crews made a portable hydrant, which was able to reach the fourth floor of the building, and firefighters went to a back bedroom to put out the fire.

The fire was ruled suspicious so police interviewed the housekeeper, 44-year-old Janette Pacheco. She admitted to police that she set a bedroom on fire after taking money from her employer.

The condominium was deemed a “total loss.” Pacheco admitted to setting the fire to cover up her theft of $160 from her 72-year-old employer.

Pacheco was arrested on charges of arson to an occupied structure, and may face additional charges of crimes against the elderly.

Thankfully, the fire was contained to this apartment and no one was hurt. The 72-year-old employer now lives with relatives.