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Man kills himself by jumping into river after refusing to pay bill at restaurant

By Mason White 1:27 PM June 5, 2017
Ernest Prentic
Ernest Prentic
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) A man committed suicide by jumping into a river after running up a bill at a restaurant, according to police in Illinois.

The Algonquin Police Department said that the body of 29-year-old Ernest Prentic, was recovered in the Fox River, after a long and exhausting search on Friday.

According to the police investigation, on Thursday night, Prentic went to the Nero’s Pizza and Pub, where he had a meal. When it came time to pay, Prentic ran out of the restaurant.

Employees of the restaurant called police at around 9:30 p.m., to report a theft. Police officers who arrived at the scene, learned that Prentic ran out of the restaurant and jumped into the Fox River.

Witnesses saw Prentic trying to swim across the river. Prentic failed to make it across the river and went over the dam. His body was recovered by a team of divers who responded to the scene.

Police said that the incident remains under investigation.