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Teen cuts off his private parts and stabs his mother of smoking skunk marijuana

By Mason White 1:30 PM June 5, 2017
Man smoking drugs (illustration)
Man smoking drugs (illustration)

A teenager in the United Kingdom, suffered a psychotic episode after smoking a very potent form of marijuana.

The father of the teenager, who was only identified as Nick, said that his son went from being a great football player to a waste of space.

The problems began with the teen was 16 years old. The teenager began smoking marijuana because he was bored.

After several months, the teen switched from marijuana to skunk, which is a very potent form of weed. The teen soon became very paranoid and suffered occasional psychotic episodes.

He thought that everyone was about to get him, and always kept a tennis racket nearby to ward off imminent attacks. One night, the teen had a severe psychotic episode.

The teenager grabbed a knife and cut off his own private parts.

He then stabbed his mother several times. The teen was rushed to the hospital and was charged with assault. The teenager spent six months in a mental hospital followed by two years in prison for attacking his mother.

Nick went public with the story to warn others about the dangers of smoking marijuana and skunk.