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Father deliberately overdoses on heroin to scare his drug addicted son

By Mason White 3:02 PM June 6, 2017
Cocaine (illustration)
Cocaine (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

A father who wanted his drug addicted son to go back to rehab, nearly died after deliberately overdosing on heroin, according to police in New York.

45-year-old Sergey Gnatovskiy of Brooklyn, said that his son, Maykl, 23, began using heroin since he was 15 years old.

The first time Sergey found his son’s heroin stash, he forced him into rehab. However, the stunt at the rehab did not do much for Maykl.

When Sergey found another stash of heroin in his son’s room, he decided to overdose on the drug to teach Maykl a lesson.

After injecting himself with a large dose of heroin, Sergey shut off his TV and passed out. When Maykl found his father unconscious on the ground, he gave him a dose of narcan and performed CPR.

Maykl called for help and paramedics managed to revive Sergey.

Sergey said that he revived his son four times in the past, and the only way for to get through to his son was by nearly killing himself.

The father’s stunt worked as Maykl signed up for another stint in rehab. Sergey felt like a new man the following day, and he is happy that his son is determined to kick his heroin addiction.