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Man pulls plug on bounce house during neighbor’s birthday party trapping 10 children inside

By Mason White 10:56 AM June 6, 2017
The suspect
The suspect
By: Tanya Clark

(Scroll down for video) Police are looking into a case and they may bring charges against a man who caused panic and trauma to children during a birthday party.

Deborah Romero of Florida, was celebrating her daughter’s first birthday on Sunday, and the children at the party were having a good time.

However, as they were jumping in the bounce house, it suddenly collapsed. About 10 children were trapped inside and adults ran to rescue them. Two children were taken to a hospital for treatment.

Police were called when the family reviewed surveillance video and saw their elderly neighbor who lived across the street, walking onto their property and pulling the plug to the bounce house.

The family said that the man might have been annoyed with the music as they had a DJ at the party.

Police believe that the elderly man wanted to pull the plug on the DJ, but he unplugged the bounce house, putting the children’s life in danger.

Police tried talking to the elderly neighbor, but he was uncooperative and he hired a lawyer. Police said that the man may face charges of trespassing.